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03 January 2008 @ 05:53 pm
Uhm..*whistles* It seems strange to write here xD Omg, the last time I wrote was before the entry test at the academy! I dunno from where should I start telling what's happening to me lately...mh, let's think. Well, I'm living in Rome. Now I'm back in my town because of the holydays, but I'm going back to Rome this monday. Living by myself...is SO strange! D: It's cool, and difficult, funny and a bit sad at the same time! It's difficult because I have to do everything by myself, which means cooking, washing clothes, keeping my room tidy(or at least liveable) and so on...but it's cool because I've met a lot of new people and there are a lot of cool shops and everything is so DIFFERENT. Which is, by the way, one of the reasons that pushed me into moving to another city; I absolutely NEEDED a different life, I needed some changes, I needed to see different faces. And it's exactly what's happening <3 The guys of the academy are absolutely great, especially a few of them...I love to spend time with them! Obviously I had my hard times, especially the first days...I missed my family, my friends...my CAT! T3T But I'm trying to be strong, and to take all the good things of this situation and love them, leaving the bad or sad ones behind. And seems like it's working xD

The very bad things are:
-living without a pc...it just feels SO WRONG D:
-having to take trains, metro and whatever to move in the city...I'm starting to feel neurotic, and furthermore I'm always late!
-DOING THE DISHES D: no comment here
...but I'm going to survive, I suppose.

I think it's all for the moment u_U; I'd have to talk about other things too, but I think I'll write another post in the next few days...bye <3

(e grazie alla hika per avermi incoraggiato abbastanza da farmi trovare la forza per questo post xD)
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26 September 2007 @ 12:31 pm
Scholastic administrations are EVIL =.=;; I've been trying to call it the whole morning, but is always engaged...and the only time it was open, no-one answered me.. *swears* I just need some informations about the academy T_T Am I asking too much? I can't take a train an go to another city, wasting money like this, just to ask something to the Academy's administration! This is totally insane DX *dies* I'm really annoyed...Afterall I'm going to buy a room in a house in Rome, I'm going to stay with people I never met before...and I don't even know when I must matriculate to the academy?! =___=
Bah...who cares.
Let's think about the sunny side...I'm going to live in Rome~! *_*;; Omg, I'm so totally scared xD And it will be very expensive for my parents...I feel so guilty about it. I really have to find a job...not now, at least at the beginning I just want to study and to settle in. But in the future...maybe I'll start with commissions or something like this o_O But since I never have money to buy drawings, even if ti comes to people I really admire, I don't really think I would be a big success xD Mah, maybe I'll give it a try, who knows...
Anyway, I'm so scared about the admission exam. I don't know what to think o_o The woman to whom I spoke at the academy said there's no numerus clausus(omg, does english people really says it in latin? O_o if my dictionary is not wrong..), but some other people to whom I spoke and who are going to take the admission exam like me are scared about the result! What does this means? D: And what if I fail? *scared to death*

And since lately I'm always posting art..Collapse )
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07 September 2007 @ 01:09 pm
Oh happy days...well, not at all xD Something good is finally happening lately, but I'm also so very stressed! At the end of the month I'll have my admission exam at the Academy of fine arts of Bologna, and I have to work hard, I have to draw a lot, because I must prepare a good portfolio to show at the oral exam(sort of). And I'm not inspired, so I'm finding it difficult to draw how much as I should! Damn ispiration, come back T_T I'm so scared, I don't think I'll succeed in entering T_T But anyway, I'm going to try in Rome too, and perhaps in Naples, so maybe I can still hope...*hopes with all her heart*
And speaking of Rome, just yesterday I discovered something new about the Academy...I hate university sites an all that stuff ò_o I never manage to find what I'm looking for, and for this reason I risked missing some important stuff about the admission test and the courses! I'm really pissed off, I know I'm the stupid one, but those foolish sites don't help me at all!
Meh, I dont' want to think about this...I'm seriously becoming paranoid.
And it's not a good thing trying too hard into making things I'm not able to...such as making portraits! I want my portfolio to be as much complete as I can, with different type of drawings, traditional and digital art and so on, but making portrait is so fucking difficult D: I'm trying to make a self portrait but it's like, you know...impossible! What I succeeded in doing right now is a picture in which I look like 30 or more DX I don't know why, but I find drawing portrait a lot easier when on the pc! I recently made a portrait of Brian Molko using photoshop, and it came out...well, pretty good I think!
Since I feel like posting art...follow the cut u_uCollapse )

On a side note...seems like autumn is finally coming, yay~! I sooo love cold <3
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03 September 2007 @ 01:52 pm

Is it possibile to be so stupid?
Seriously, is it possible? I know I'm REALLY stupid, but...everyday I amaze myself more and more o_o;;
Aw...It's silly, but...I'm happy <3
Happy in a silly, silly way.

(Btw, I finally made something for my profile~it was nearly time, after all)
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29 August 2007 @ 01:56 pm
Makes no sense at all...
things aren't what they seem.
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24 August 2007 @ 01:09 pm
Hellooo o.o Last time I said something about making a post on DH...hm, well, I don't really feel like writing something meaningful, so I guess I'll just rant a bit xD

Obviously under a cut, since there are A LOT of spoilersCollapse )

Ok, I don't think I have anything else to say xD Except that I REALLY liked the book, even if it seems I'm only able to complain about what I didn't like of it. I liked it and I'm sad it was the last one! ;_; Death Note ended...Harry Potter endend...god, my life feels so empty \T_T/

Oh, and talking about Death Note...Anime Special airing in one week, whoa. My my, the time do fly! I want to see it, but I'm not really SO excited. This is sad ;_;
And, on a side note: -8. No, I'm not making a countdown for the special. It's something else *hopes*
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06 August 2007 @ 10:10 pm
Hola amigos, guess who's back? *ehm ehm* Sorry, I'm not exactly in my mind right now(I'm NEVER in my mind, but stfu, who cares)...
So...I'm back from London! *cries* Well, I came back on the 31st of July, so it's not like it was yesterday, but I had to settle back in the AWFUL city in which I live...diah. There's no comparison, and I didn't need to actually SEE London to tell it, but know that I did it, well...I can't stand my city anymore. But, whatever! I spent something like the most beautiful two weeks of my whole life, I don't want to cloud the memory of them by talking cynically. I saw a lot of beautiful places...I saw the Big Ben *_* Which is not really THAT big, by the way, but it's cool all the same! I saw Buckingham Palace, I saw St.James Park(all the parks I saw in London were great, I have to say), the London Eye(but for some problems we couldn't go on it, sigh)! And even if I dind't know anyone of the people with whom I was going to spend two weeks in London, I didn't have any problem getting along with them, they were cool and kind guys! The college in which we stayed was really big, and I loved it...exception made for the food >_> It goes without saying that it was unbelievably disgusting o_o;; I had to eat to survive, and it was the only reason I had for eating that crap *dies at the simple thought* And furthermore, we were always eating CHIPS! They cooked them in different ways, cut them in different sizes and shapes, but they were chips anyway xD Ah, but it doesn't matter! It was for the sake of being in London, so it was worth it!
Anyway, about the college...the second day after we arrived, we had to take a test through which they sorted us in different classes based on our english knowledge. It was a 60 written questions test plus two minutes of conversation with a professor of the college. I was put in an Upper Intermediate class, but I think it was because the test was for the most part based on reading and UNDERSTANDING, and I have no problems in reading and understanding...but I DO HAVE problems in talking xD Anyway, the first impression about the lessons was...frightening, to say the least! I was in class with spanish, turkish, russian(and also italian, fortunately) people, and everyone seemed to speak english as if it was his native language! The lessons were divided in two parts, with two differents professors, and the first one talked SO fast...but in the end I became used to it. And I also started to know the people in my class, whether they were italians or not it didn't matter, so the lessons became interesting and even funny! I really had fun talking with people from different countries...I even met a spanish guy who read Death Note! He saw my L necklace, and asked me if it was what he thought it was xD So, what else I have to say...I really dunno, there's so much to say! One of the first days we went to the Globe, to watch The Merchant of Venice <3 Aw, it was absolutely WONDERFUL, so touching, I was so very excited! The actors were great, the musics, the stage costumes, everything was totally amazing! At the end I was nearly crying! And I was nearly crying, too, when I saw a Monet's painting at the Tate Modern, just half an hour after...It wasn't one of his most famous ones, it was from the late years of his life, when he was half blid...but it didn't matter to me, it was MONET, for heaven's sake! The first Monet's painting I saw in a museum in my whole life! I recognized it from far away, and I immediately checked for the little signature in the corner of it...oh my, how much I love Monet <3 I saw a lot of famous and beautiful paintings at the National Gallery, too...among them, Van gogh's Sunflowers! And other paintings by Monet, and Renoir, and Caravaggio! There were a lot of italian paintings, by the way...
Other cool things I saw...uhm, Camden was REALLY cool, but I was too worried for the weight of my luggage(and also I dreaded not to have enough space in it, sigh) and so I bought just a few things, such as ties and stockings! But one of the most wonderful days was the one we went to Brighton...and not exactly for the place itself >_> But for...the people, I dare say. Yeah, because in these two weeks I met a lot of people, and among them there was a guy...I really like, to say the least. And when we went to Brighton he and his group were with us, so I had some chances of being with him. Well, to tell the truth, I spent almost all the time with him in the last 3 days before leaving. Aw >_< But his group leaved a day before mine, and the last day I was so sad...and I hadn't talk with him since last monday. But I'm wandering away from the topic, I don't want to talk about this because as it is now I become REALLY SAD if only I think about it, if only I think about HIM. Well, in all honesty I don't think there's anything else to say xD Except from the fact that I had a lot of fun, but I've already said this. And...I want to live in London ;_; I even loved the weather, when everyone else was complaining about it and about the fact that it was too cold-but I LOVE cold! I can't stand it when it's too hot. When it's cold you just have to put something warm on, like a sweater, and you're alright. Aw, and now it's hot here in Italy...not as it was in the weeks I was away(yay, I'm lucky~), but it's hot nonetheless.
Mh, 'k, I'll quit it here o_O;;

Oh, I was nearly forgetting...about my exam, my vote was 100. Which is the highest one, horray! *dances* It feels like it was AGES ago! xD

a few photos under this cut^^Collapse )
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04 July 2007 @ 04:24 pm
My oral test, the last one, is tomorrow...I think I'm going to die o_o;;
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27 June 2007 @ 09:19 pm
Well, it ended T_T And obviously I have to randomly rant about it...so, everything under a cut, as always.

wtf? Just, seriously...WTF?!Collapse )

Okay, know that it ended...and I'll be sad about it forever ;_; I need a new anime to watch! But I'm death note obsessed from somthing like more than a year, it will be really difficult to find something enough amazing DX *dies*
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26 June 2007 @ 04:21 pm
It's nearly time!


Gwaaaaah x_x *dies*
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